EPIC Dungeon Master


Fifty years ago, the Fiend arose from his infernal prison, freed by the betrayal of the Red Monks. He gathered forces both mortal and diabolical and laid waste to the once beautiful land of Vireth. The bastard son of Vireth's King committed the second betrayal, surrendering to the Fiend and placing his remaining forces at the creature's disposal. Darkness spread quickly from Vireth across the eastern isles of the Archipelago, now known as the Archipelago of Bone. The third betrayal was that of the once noble Order of the Hawk, a brotherhood of knights led by an Oracle who declared the Fiend unstoppable - his victory inevitable. They are now the Ravensguard - most feared of the enemy's forces. The traitors led a host of demons to victory over the elves and dwarves. The advance of the host was stopped by the brave warriors of Aetor and Marus, bolstered by the power of the Magi of Ix. For twenty years the two forces have held their ground, neither giving way or able to advance. It is a dark and desperate time where the success or failure of the heroes of the land may tip the balance one way or the other. Will you answer the call to glory?

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