EPIC Dungeon Master


It has come to my attention that many of you Weekend Wizards, MMO Mauraders and Table Top Terrors have been having a field day with the hapless denizens of a myriad of paper dungeons and digital catacombs. You have battled a kingdom of orcs, subdued a red dragon and banished an ancient necromancer…all without so much as a single bead of sweat upon your brow..

This hardly seems like ‘fair’ play….

After all, where is the glory in decimating a foe that you never face?

I, therefore, invite you to enter my world. Not with paper and pencil or keyboard and mouse but with body and soul. You certainly don’t have to be a “gamer” to participate. In fact, many of the most successful adventurers who enter my domain aren’t familiar with such trifles. You see, in this game, the adventurer is YOU, not some pixelated warrior or bit of paper. YOUR decisions, YOUR skill, YOUR wit and YOUR cunning will determine whether you survive or whether meet your fate in the darkened caverns of Atoll….

The rules are simple, so please take note.

You mortals have a tendency to be…unpredictable. The rules exist to protect you, your enjoyment and the enjoyment of the audience. Your adherence to the rules is mandatory. Should you forget and violate a rule, one of my minions will remind you of the rules. Listen to them! Repeated infractions will result in you promptly being removed from the game.


PLAY ALONG: There are elements of a Dungeon Master show that are game like but at it's heart this is a show and as such is a cooperative exercise. Everyone from the audience adventurers to the cast, crew and even the Dungeon Master himself have to work together to create an experience that will be enjoyable for everyone - including the audience.

You are free to do what you will, but be prepared for the consequences of any actions you take.


COSTUMES AND EQUIPMENT: When you are called to the stage you will be furnished with a costume and weapons should you need them. You are free to bring along your own gear - in fact we encourage you to do so. Just remember that any weapons must be approved by the staff before allowed into play.

: If you are chosen to participate as an adventurer, you will become a member of a PARTY. Treat your fellow adventurers as companions. You don't have to like them but you have to work with them. Remember, many choices will be offered to you along your journey and it is up to your PARTY to decide the correct path to follow.

THE QUEST: Your PARTY will be presented with a QUEST or PROBLEM to solve. The QUEST is the story we have prepared for you. Do as you wish, as long as it advances the story.

THE GUIDE: You will also be provided with a GUIDE who will assist in identifying the many perils you will face. But they are only there to guide, so every riddle, trap, fight or choice is up to you to solve, disarm, defeat or make. You may get a new GUIDE during your travels but there will always be someone there to help you. Listen the GUIDE. He, she or it is

Do not remove clothing or equipment from a cast member or move set pieces unless directed to do by a cast member.


COMBAT: All fights take place in SLOW MOTION. Blows that are not in SLOW MOTION will be ineffectual. Repeated slow motion violations will cause you to be REMOVED FROM THE GAME. We know it's exciting but try not to get carried away.

RANGED WEAPONS: For the time being neither the adventurers or their enemies will use ranged weapons of any sort.

DODGING: You can dodge, block and parry to avoid getting hit but again - these things (like everything else in combat) must be done in SLOW MOTION. If you move too fast you will be hit automatically.

GETTING HURT: If you are told you are WOUNDED it means just that. You should also consider yourself WOUNDED if you take a solid blow in combat. If you are WOUNDED, act WOUNDED. Be clumsy, stagger, wince with pain when you move. Once WOUNDED you stay WOUNDED until you are healed. Be warned: WOUNDED characters are easier to kill...

GETTING KILLED: If you are told your character is DEAD or it is obvious that you have died, you are DEAD. Fall down and stay down. A death scene is an opportunity most performers relish. Enjoy it if you can. Magic can bring back the dead but it is not always possible. If you are dead and the PARTY decides to leave you, you will be escorted off stage and should return to your seat.

There is no shame in dying or being left behind. You haven't "lost" - your sacrifice helped tell a compelling story.


In Dungeon Master EVERYONE can cast spells. This is how you do it.

: Cast a spell by a short couplet of moderate length. Think of what you want a spell to do and then come up with something that rhymes. But don’t make them too short. Spells such as “Up, pup!” and “Oh that healing feeling!” won’t work.

BE OBVIOUS: A spell whose purpose isn't clear will either fail or have potentially unintended effects.


USE GRAND GESTURES: When casting, use big arm movements and speak in a loud, clear voice.


SPELL EFFECTS ONLY WORK ONCE: For example - no matter how many spells your party casts you can only HEAL once. FEEL BETTER and I DON’T HURT THAT BAD are both HEALING spells. Only the first will work. The second would automatically fail.

SPELLS ONLY LAST ONE SCENE: When the scene ends, so do any spells cast during that scene. The only exceptions are CURSES and ENCHANTMENTS - neither of which can be cast by adventurers. There is no way to make spells you cast on stage permanent.


YOU HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPELLS: In the Archipelago your PARTY is limited to between 6 and 12 spells. You won't know how many until you exceed your limit and your spell fails. 

DAMAGE CANCELS CASTING: Getting WOUNDED or KILLED while casting cancels the spell. The spell automatically fails and will will count against your total.

SPELLS THROWN AT THE SAME TIME CANCEL OUT: This means that if two characters start waving their arms and overlap each other during casting, neither spell will work and the Party will lose ONE spell.

Spells are your most valuable resource. Use them wisely.


ACT IT OUT: Dungeon Master is an Improv show. Improv is acting and acting is pretending. Pretend to be your character.

: When you are doing something and you want it to be very clear what it is that you are doing, simply make a simple declaration of your intent so the cast and other adventurers can hear you. For example, if you are searching a fallen enemy (whose clothes and equipment you should leave intact) simply mimic the action and declare "I am searching".

GO BIG AND BROAD: Subtle actions will be lost on stage. Be big and obvious with everything you do.

FUNNY IS AS FUNNY DOES: There is no need to try to be funny or go for laughs. Humor will come from your characters and the situations they find themselves in.

Have a good time! If you do, the audience will too.

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