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Q: Should I wear a costume?
A: Only if that would be fun for you. We encourage our audience to come in fantasy garb but it isn't required.

Q: Do I have to participate to enjoy the show?
A: No. Most of our audience comes simply to watch. If you don't want to participate don't submit a character and don't sit in the front row or along the aisles. We will never put you on the spot unless you want us to. 

Q: What do I have to do if I want to play?
A: Have an idea for a character. Make sure you have a name for them. Put together a costume if you want. Any weapons need to be foam or latex and will have to be approved by the staff. If you don't have a costume or weapons, we will provide you with what you need. Read the Rules section of this site. Show up at least a half an hour early and sign up to play. From 4 to 6 adventurers will be chosen from those who volunteer to join us on stage.

Q: Do I have to know anything to understand the story?
A: Every show tells a standalone story that is also part of the ongoing tale. We begin each show by letting you know everything you need to understand what is going on. We would love to see you at every show of a run but come as often as you like.


EPIC's Dungeon Master is a strange (and wonderful) beast. Part game, part theater with a supportive community and a long history.

Dungeon Master

Original Run

The original show was created by actor Bruce A Young (Highlander, the Sentinel). It ran for four years out of the Beacon Street Theater, performing for more than 30,000 people, in over 200 different episodes.

LA Rebirth

Bruce and his cohorts launched a new version of Dungeon Master in LA and found a new audience eager to adventure. When Bruce left the show to pursue other opportunities eager cast members and former players stepped up to keep his dream alive. They did so well that the show is still running and fans wait eagerly for each seasonal run to begin.

LA Weekly Review

As a young man game designer Mike "Alex Gray" Nystul (The Whispering Vault, BattleTech) was a regular cast member in the original show. When he discovered a love for Improv he created his own audience participation adventure show in Austin TX.

EPIC ran for several seasons over the course of three years. We performed in venues as diverse as a dance studio, a mall, various Improv theaters and the floor of a convention. The show drew heavily on the talents of a thriving local Improv scene.

Culture Map Review

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